Alcantara distributor interiors

An impeccable partnership

Shelley Antecol is honoured to have been selected as the exclusive distributor for Alcantara interiors and marine for North America. Our focus is to seemlessly bring ease to design with style and elegance.

Based in Milan, Italy, Alcantara represents the pinnacle of innovation and distinction resulting in elevated textiles produced of the most exceptional quality.

Whether in a residence, hotel, or outdoor space, Alcantara evokes elegance in any setting and is available in a variety of colours and textures.

Alcantara Collections

Residential: Multi-layer & Master
Commercial: Avant & Master FR
Alcantara View Collection

Alcantara Collection Aurora View Collection
Alcantara Collection Alchimia Plus View Collection
Alcantara View Exo Outdoor Collection
Alcantara Custom options
Alcantara Decorative Pillows

Quality is everything

Worthy of the finest designs and applications, the usage of Alcantara material offers each interior a contemporary, yet timeless canvas.

Any space will be transformed through the impeccable balance of functionality and beauty.

Bespoke solutions become works of art through texture, colour and performance with acute attention to the aesthetics.

Shelley Antecol has always offered an uncompromising level of craftsmanship and design. Our extraordinary partnership with Alcantara is yet one more expression of this commitment.

Vision of excellence

As a distributor for Alcantara interiors, we offer captivating design options for some of the world’s finest establishments, designers and architects. Our designers are guided by a unified belief in wellness, beautiful design and commitment to sustainability and are able to infuse this spirit into brilliant creations.

This same desire is what drives Shelley Antecol to not only imagine these elegant creations, but also to provide excellence in service for our valued clients.

Aligned with our Avant Garde vision of excellence in all we do and produce, Alcantara is also dedicated to placing the highest priority on commitment to sustainability.

With a pioneering approach, Alcantara reached this ambitious goal back in 2009, obtaining the much-coveted Carbon Neutrality certification from one of the strictest and most rigorous international certification bodies (TUV SUD).