Integrity and respect for the environment, humane treatment of animals, and social and economic sustainability are the core values at the heart of all we do. We understand that every choice we make has the potential to lead to positive and powerful change in the world.

Respectful Sourcing

We minimize direct and indirect environmental effects by sourcing sustainable and renewable raw materials.

“It is our hope that Shelley Antecol artisan designs and our unique stories will inspire you to leave a positive footprint of your own on the world.”

Shelley Antecol, President

Alcantara sustainability

Full interview with Carlo Ammirati, Alcantara

Alcantara has been carbon neutral since 2009. Certified by TUV SUD.

Being carbon neutral means having a net carbon dioxide emissions balance of zero, from the cradle to the grave.

Not only the production process, but also the phases of use and disposal of the product itself.

Alcantara sustainability

Reduce reuse repurpose

Striving for excellence through sustainability practices, we are guided to curate the finest, sustainable materials.

This practice enables us to produce elegant works of art that become timeless keepsakes, treasured and rarely discarded.

We are passionate and grateful to create value in a sustainable way that also meets the needs of our customers.