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Residential Alcantara

Alcantara is produced in Italy and has become a world-renowned product of excellence.

Working tirelessly to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations we are passionate about delivering unrivaled offerings.

Residential Alcantara will offer your clientele versatility and elegance, as well as sophisticated, modern choices for their most precious spaces.

From all around the world, Alcantara has been gracing interiors with unparalleled design beckoning the simple pleasure of comfort, elegance and function.

Stir the emotions and sooth the soul with our residential Alcantara.

The benefits of Alcantara

Alcantara is durable

Beautifully envisioned and perfectly balanced, Alcantara collections offer a timeless elegance, aesthetics, durability and sustainability.

Over many years, Alcantara has been the preferred choice for some of the world’s finest interiors such as wall-paneling, yachts, auto, and high-end commercial areas.

Alcantara Master: View Collection
intended use: walls, panels, cushions, drapery

Alcantara Multi-layer:View Collection
intended use: upholstery

Alchimia collection

Alchimia is a power or process of transforming something common into something special. A magical transformation of lesser-valued metals into precious gold.

The artist’s vision for the newest Alcantara interior collection was inspired by this concept. Selecting the most distinctive elements from past designs and blending with soft contemporary colour has created a magical transformation. The result of this beautiful evolution is the latest Alcantara Alchimia collection.

The Alcantara Alchimia interior collection transcends the extraordinary. It captures uniqueness, elegance and beauty to present a very distinctive collection unlike any other.

View the Alchimia Collection