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Inspired by the northern lights

It is one of the most enchanting natural phenomena to occur on earth. Sometimes the aurora fills the entire sky.

Bands of light in colours and shapes that change over time and space cut across the northern skies, which on the darkest nights of the year are tinged with green, blue and red.

A source of inspiration for myths and legends, poems, paintings and spectacular photos, the northern lights shimmer over the soft surfaces of Alcantara, which has dedicated the new interior collection to this very phenomenon.

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Introducing Aurora by Alcantara

A luxury collection by the Alcantara style department.

The Alcantara Aurora collection expresses the limitless possibilities of Alcantara through tactile embossing, perforation, and prints. It explores three chromatic areas: warm earth tones, gentle morning hues, and cool Nordic shades, as well as neutral shades inspired by minerals.

Aurora is perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

Wall application
Aurora can be used to create stunning accent walls or entire wallcoverings. The wide range of colours and textures allows you to create a unique look.

Aurora can be used to upholster furniture, such as sofas, chairs and headboards.

Decorative details
Aurora can also be used to create decorative details, such as throw pillows, panels or curtains.

Experience the magic of the Northern Lights with Aurora, Alcantara’s newest collection of luxury materials.

Aurora collection

The eight items within the Aurora collection convey the mysterious northern atmospheres, the flora and fauna of barren lands that share stories of wonder and hope.

The fragility of a planet that invites sustainable respectful and conscious design.

Taiga takes its name from a characteristic forest formation of the northern regions of Eurasia.
Caribou the name pays homage to the typical Artic reindeer.

Crocus the metallic screen printing of Crocus reproduces the alpine flower from which saffron is obtained with a stylized design.
Twilight Nordic sunsets are the source of inspiration for Twilight.

Notti Stellate
Tundra The journey through the aurora concludes amid mosses and lichens in the desert-like region that lends its name to Tundra.