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At Shelley Antecol we deliver unique gifts that will transform your brand promise or event into memorable expressions of grace and comfort.

Our inspiration is always found in nature. Impressive beauty, colour, textures all infused with warmth and balance. Every design is tailored to bring a sense of calm and relaxation.

We are a boutique firm with global reach and have clientele who value excellence.

Our product focus, expertise and passion is in the manufacture and retailing of candles, bath and body skincare and candle accessories.

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Excellence in quality

Great care is taken to ensure our creations are of the utmost quality. Every candle is paraffin free and made from soy-plant based wax with 100% cotton wicks.

Argan oil in our bath and body products is certified organic by Ecoscert and was specifically chosen as a partner because they adhere to fair trade policies.

Our luxurious small accessories are designed to bring comfort to travel.

Indulgence, perfectly packaged

First impressions are everything, down to the most intricate, delicate detail.

Our designers will conceptualize your gift from product presentation, offering the finest in package design. Handcrafted ribbons and unique box configurations will only emphasize the allure.

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