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Without hesitation we are drawn to the overwhelming and unwavering beauty of nature — mind, body and soul. It overtakes us and gives us the freedom to welcome and usher in what could be.

We see designs and collections more clearly as a passion to be better than before is awakened.

From all over the world nature awes us with her bold, dynamic colours, subtle, intricate textures, and breathtaking brilliance.

It is our hope to inspire our clients in much the same way to think beyond what was once possible and allow imagination to influence art with each inspired Alcantara creation.

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Well-being and design

When considering elements of design, we cannot overlook the importance of maintaining and promoting well-being.

At every decision, we remain unified in wellness, beautiful design and sustainability. A seamless balance which aligns us to inspire works of art that draw on all of the elements of nature.

When we truly embrace this philosophy, the world slows down to a gentle, peaceful pace. Whether at home, at work or traveling the world and experiencing indoor or outdoor spaces, now more than ever, we seek an environment that promotes well-being.

The aesthetics, colour palettes, furnishings — every detail — come together to elevate the senses.

Frequently asked questions

Is Alcantara durable?

Yes. Alcantara is 100% Italian made of the finest, durable materials.

World-renowned, advance technology delivers unrivaled quality and countless certifications including Martindale abrasion which continues to exceed industry standards.

In addition, as one of the first in the world to have received carbon neutral certification since 2009, Alcantara places the utmost importance on sustainability in turn paving the way for a better future for all.

Is Alcantara easy to clean?

Yes. Alcantara is washable and most common stains can be removed with ease.

Please watch this step-by-step tutorial for more information on how to clean your Alcantara material.

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