Alcantara for the Steelyard guest

Steelyard Access Designers

Sleek elegance combined with comfortable durability has been expertly imagined creating a new vision in outdoor seating – The Sinfonia Collection.

Sinfonia, meaning symphony in Italian, was inspired by the way music, even if for a brief moment, connects the human spirit and allows us to escape whether in delight or need.

In much the same way, this sophisticated collection brings together those seeking a common standard of excellence, while offering a blend of modern, tailored craftsmanship and exquisite, understated luxury.

Handcrafted in the USA, the frame is expertly constructed from your choice of sustainable black locust wood or solid teak presented in brilliant white.

Each unique masterpiece is beautifully wrapped with the versatility and opulent comfort found only in high-performance Alcantara Exo, our exclusive, Italian-made outdoor material.

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