travel bag in Alcantara
Travel bags by Shelley Antecol
Shelley Antecol travel bags
Travel bags by Shelley Antecol
Shelley Antecol travel bags
Alcantara travel bag
Shelley Antecol travel bags
Travel bags by Shelley Antecol
Alcantara travel bag by Shelley Antecol
Alcantara travel valet
Alcantara travel valet
camel travel valet
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Travel accessories

Travel accessories are all the smaller conveniences a client or guest brings to help make their time away from home as comfortable as possible.

Our collection, including blanket carriers and personal valet trays are designed and created to help you complete the travel needs of your valued guests and clients.

Skilled artisans will craft each piece to your unique specifications including unique textile colour, the finest silks or organic cotton linings, gold accents and adornments in Swarovski crystal.

Style, beauty and elegance

At Shelley Antecol our focus is to seamlessly bring ease to travel with style, beauty and elegance.

Manufactured in the US and Italy, our collection of travel accessories are made from the luxe
Italian Alcantara in beautiful colours to create a gift of distinction and lasting luxury.

About Alcantara

Elegant expressions of renewal

Our creations will ensure your clients and guests feel well taken care of and appreciated.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that they will journey back home with a thoughtful and unique takeaway gift to remind them of your sincere hospitality. Elegant expressions of renewal for discerning guests and clients.

Travel bag size is approximately 14 long by 11 inches high.

Travel valet is handcrafted in Italy. Size 5 x 5 x 2 inch (13 x 13 x 2 cm)