First impressions are everything, down to the most intricate, delicate detail.

When choosing a gift, an amenity or retail item, you want to make a selection that will ensure your guests and clientele feel appreciated. And better yet, thankful that they made the decision to give up their valuable time to you.

While there are many common gifts and packages available, you want to be anything but ordinary.

At Shelley Antecol we specialize in bespoke gifts and retail items. We have been custom tailoring unique gifts for our clients for many years, as well as providing retail solutions.


Our valued clients

Our collections are guided buy one foundational and inspirational philosophy and consistently expressed in all that we do – surrender to Serenity.

Our designs invite the recipient to give oneself up to a state of calm and peace.

surrender to Serenity

Inspiration comes in many forms. The natural beauty around us. The vastness of a pearl blue sky, fresh forest pine, or the pure silence at daybreak. Most importantly, inspiration comes from the wisdom of our valued clients.

Please take a moment to view what others are saying by viewing our brief video, and please share your story or experience with us.

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