Plant based candles

elegant by design

Our artisan, plant based candles are clean burning down to the 100% vegetable wax coated wick. Our wax has verification from third-party accredited labs and meets the rigorous standards below.

Made in the USA
Free of GMO (Genetically Modified Material)
Made of 100% Vegetable oils
Always Natural & Biodegradable
Kosher Certified
Never animal tested
Free of petroleum, paraffin and beeswax
Free of pesticides and herbicides
Free of toxic materials
Safe under GRAS Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act


Certificate of authenticity

Only the finest ingredients and expert methods are used to craft Shelley Antecol candles.

Without chemical enhancements, some naturally occurring imperfections may occur after lighting.

Each unique design is subject to extensive quality control and our brand’s uncompromising standard of excellence.

Care for your candles

Great pride is taken in providing a distinctly sustainable product.

Take great care of your candle. Always attend a burning candle, keep out of drafts, keep away from pets and children and always place on a heat resistant surface.

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