Natural skincare products

in nature, beauty is effortless

In addition to its lasting beauty, Shelley Antecol skincare collections exclusively utilize glass to prevent the potential toxins plastic packaging can leave and are 100% recyclable.

For all natural skincare products, Argan oil is specifically chosen for being fair trade and certified organic by EcoCert.

Through the production of this oil, Moroccan women are empowered and able to pay for their children’s education, a value we seek in the selection of our unique ingredients.


All natural candles

Because quality is our first priority, we use only the finest natural ingredients. Our candles are made of vegetable wax, which is biodegradable and guaranteed to be paraffin free. No Shelley Antecol candle will ever contain genetically modified material (GMO).

We have spent over 100,000 hours testing – every container, wick and fragrance – for the best burn and esthetic qualities. Our candles will burn evenly with softer, longer burn times.

Small accessories

At Shelley Antecol our focus is to seamlessly bring ease to travel with style and elegance.

Our creations will ensure your clients and guests feel well taken care of and appreciated. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that they will journey back home with a thoughtful and unique takeaway gift to remind them of your sincere hospitality.

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