An Inspired Beginning

Shelley Antecol knew at an early age that she wanted to help others embrace the possibilities and benefits of living well.

Our history and her unwavering passion for nutrition and nature can be traced back to the beauty of her beloved grandmother’s lush 500-acre estate. Fields of strawberries, rows of apple trees and intoxicating roses decorated the grounds and filled the air with promise.

Breathtaking river waters that peacefully ran through the immaculate gardens often overwhelmed her and inspired her imagination.

Those days of discovery and wonder revealed that the simple pleasures of life should be cherished and nurtured. She aspires to preserve this guiding principal and recreate through her designs and custom products.


Unique. Exquisite. Inspired.

This same desire is what drives Shelley Antecol to not only use the finest natural ingredients for her creations, but also search globally for artisan partners who share in her vision, such as Alcantara®.

Each product, ingredient and partner is tirelessly researched for impeccable quality, value and style. Once only the best are procured, our designs flawlessly balance creativity with functionality.

surrender to Serenity

As each candle is lit she hopes to create those feelings of peace and inner calm that can also be shared with others.

Take time to explore all Antecol designs has to offer and surrender to Serenity.

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