Shelley Antecol

The demands of every day life often distract us from the world’s beauty and serenity.

At Shelley Antecol, I design with these simple pleasures in mind to create expressions of elegant relaxation that captivate and awaken the senses. A blazing sunset, snow-capped mountains, azure waters or a canopy of stars each is an intriguing muse that beckons the return of peace and calm to the soul.

This opulence commands attention, stirs the soul and offers harmony. It is an invitation to close your eyes, take a deep breath and surrender to Serenity.

Discover the gift of relaxation from a collection of thoughtfully designed pieces.


the signature S

the signature S
Beauty, peace and quiet for mind, body and soul.

Our signature S signifies the fluidity of life and calm that lives in each of us at those rare and treasured moments of inner reflection and serenity.

When these three fundamental elements come together the passion we feel transcends the extraordinary. It’s that moment we hope to capture and translate into each Shelley Antecol design.

surrender to Serenity

Our tagline perfectly captures the wonder and awe of nature that humbles us and evokes a feeling of calm and an inner peace that is as intoxicating as it is inspiring. It is at these rare moments that we surrender to Serenity.

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