Custom candles

At Shelley Antecol we specialize in the design and manufacture of soy-vegetable container, custom candles. Being the manufacturer, all of our candles are made here in New York, USA.

Because quality is our first priority, we use only the finest natural ingredients.

Our choice for candle production is plant-based waxes, and to exclude all paraffin components. All of our wicks are coated with vegetable wax instead of the traditional coating of paraffin wax. We avoid petroleum based products in our candles and in our custom candles.

Our soy wax, made from soy beans, are from USA farmers only. We proudly support American farmers. As part of our brand values, sustainability is very important. Soy-vegetable wax is renewable and bio-degradable. Soy is continually producible without damaging the ecosystem.


Calm mind, body and soul

Design is a choice. In our custom candle production we want to create that sanctuary for the senses. An invitation to retreat from the everyday and calm, mind, body and soul with the simplicity of a beautiful candle. We offer a variety of beautiful containers for your custom candle.


We have available the following options:

Pad Printing
Screen Printing
Sourcing your container
We have excellence delivery times

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