Custom Design

At Shelley Antecol we specialize in creating captivating custom design. Each tailored gift leaves an emotional impression on all who receive them. Whether seeking in-room amenities or private label spa features, our customizable creations provide the perfect accompaniment. While we are recognized for our designs, our luxurious custom packaging is equally inspiring.

Skilled artisans take great care to understand your creative vision with respectful attention to budget. Infusing your favorite colour, fragrance or natural elements, will ensure you receive a custom design as compelling as it is unique. Details are carefully considered, planned and executed to your specifications. Choose Shelley Antecol for restaurants, resorts, corporate gifts, lavish weddings, intimate, private parties, and any number of special celebrations.


Custom design candles

Because quality is our first priority, we use only the finest natural ingredients. Our custom design candles are made solely of soy-vegetable wax, which is biodegradable and guaranteed to be paraffin free. No Shelley Antecol candle will ever contain genetically modified material (GMO).

We have spent over 100,00 hours testing–every container, wick and fragrance–for the best burn and esthetic qualities.

Our soy candles will burn evenly with softer, longer burn times. In addition, fragrances are never overwhelming and the wax will not stain.

Connect with your guest

Evoking an emotional connection with your discerning guests or clientele is exceptionally powerful.

Custom design candles and gifts by Shelley Antecol will transform your brand promise into memorable expressions of grace and comfort. it is an effective way to say welcome with unspoken gratitude and subtle elegance.

Ribbon made in France
Alcantara®, laser etching and embossing on Alcantara®

Screen and pad printing

Cashmere throws in custom colours (with a minimum order of 10 pieces)

Beautiful artisan glassware for candles

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