Water resistant travel accessories

At Shelley Antecol, we specialize in bespoke gifts. Only the finest materials are used to craft unique and memorable works of timeless beauty, such as our water resistant travel accessories.

This elegant travel bag evokes feelings of reprieve and ease for the savvy, frequent traveler, while offering the confidence of being well organized.

Our bag is made of Alcantara® outdoor which has been designed to resist fade and be water resistant.

This design is enhanced by a gold plated ring with Swarovski® crystal. The bag is fully lined in Alcantara®.


Our preferred choice is Alcantara®

Our collections are guided by one foundational and inspirational philosophy and consistently expressed in all that we do – surrender to Serenity.

Our designs invite the recipient to give oneself up to a state of calm and peace.

Alcantara® made in Italy, provides an incomparable standard of excellence focused on functionality, durability and comfort.

Delight your guests

Our travel accessories bring unique to retail, specialty boutiques, VIP events and wedding party gifts.

“In our never-ending quest for excellence, we watch, carefully and patiently, as we look to nature as our guide, taking inspiration from our senses and energy from our passion.” Henri Bourgeois

Creating an emotional connection with your discerning guests or clientele is exceptionally powerful.

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