Leather travel bag

indulge in style

Demanding lifestyles often distract us from our need for renewal. We all seek reprieve from the hectic humdrum of modern existence, even when it involves busy travelling.

Each design is inspired by the simple pleasures of nature that offer comfort and serenity… an early morning sunrise, the sound of a songbird, or the soothing splash of ocean waves. All are gentle reminders to embrace an expression of elegant relaxation that will awaken your senses, while beckoning the return of peace and calm.

The Shelley Antecol leather travel bag was designed to bring a sense of comfort, organization and ease when travelling. It is one of our most highly regarded gifts and ideal for anyone on the go. It’s a perfect selection for retail gift shops and boutiques, for wedding party gifts, and even the avid gym enthusiast.


Classic travel

The most supple leathers are used to bring the sophisticated designs of Antecol Leather travel bags to life.

Available in classically chic black or elegant white leather. A hint of silk adds balance and elegance to these remarkable works of art.

Tailored design

Leather travel bag size is approximately 14 long by 11 inches high.

Customization is available with laser etching or embossing.

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