Inspiration for the Zen candle was found in the refined ritual of tea time. From all around the world, the practice of tea ceremony evokes tranquility and gracefully beckons the simple pleasure of relaxation. Most ceremonies summon a rare grace and elegance in both decor and function.

The very nature of a tea ceremony is to bring harmony, a connection to nature, calm the mind and heighten the senses of the present.

Our Zen candle is the perfect alliance between ritual and decor with a touch of indulgence. It will stir the emotions and soothe the mind taking you to a place where the world slows down to a gentler and peaceful pace.

Add a sleek and sophisticated wood-accessory as an eclectic complement to this distinct gift.


Authentic Nanbu ironware

The Shelley Antecol Zen candle is held within an authentic Nanbu ironware cup available in bronze or silver colour.

This elegant beautiful teacup is from Iwachu, one of the finest manufacturers of ironware for more than 100 years.

Quality detail

Burn time of each Zen candle is 18 to 20 hours and can be requested with a fragrance or fragrance free. When the candle has finished, vegetable-based wax candle containers clean easily with warm soap and water.

This artisan cup can continue its use with your own favorite brewed cup of tea.

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