The Marquee candle is a work of art awaiting you to bring it to life.

This traditional glassware style creates a blank canvas for our wholesale soy candles. It is a gorgeous piece with an elegant, satin frosted surface ready for your unique designs.

The Marquee candle holds a 175 gram or 6 ounce candle giving a very long burn time of 35 to 40 hours per candle.

For custom printed Marquee candles the minimum order of quantity is 36 pieces.

Through one-on-one collaboration, Shelley Antecol artisans will craft a design to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.


Shelley Antecol Marquee candle

It is available for purchase as a single candle or with our luxe gift box.

Dimensions: height 3 1/4 inch and diameter 2 3/4 inches.

Shelley Antecol petit Marquee candle

In addition to the full-size Marquee candle of 6 ounce or 175 grams, we offer the mini-Marquee candle that is 2.1 ounce or 60 grams.

The mini Marquee candle is equally as elegant with a burn time of 14 to 18 hours.

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