Tea light candle

The Shelley Antecol Eurotea® is a unique tea light candle designed to shine a soft light of elegance and pure inspiration.

Each unique Eurotea® tea light candle is soy, botanical-based and completely paraffin-free.

It burns 2 to 3 times longer than most tea lights with a burn time of 12 to 14 hours each. The Eurotea® candle is available fragrance free or with the scent of your choosing.

Present the gift of relaxation to your distinguishing clientele or guest through our thoughtfully designed exquisite Eurotea® candle.

The Eurotea® candle evokes elegance in any setting and is available in a variety of presentations.


Eurotea® candle options

Single Eurotea®

Gift set of four Euroteas®

Eternal glassware : Powerful, chic, and with its smooth, oblique shape, it’s simple and pleasing to any environment.

Eternal gift box : in gold or rich brown with gold, ribbon available

Urbane classic crystal : Beautifully crafted, our Urbane crystal is simple and refined.

Sanctuary : Handcrafted artisan glassware creates an intimate and private refuge.

Candle details

Our Eurotea® container is composed of polycarbonate material with a UL 93 flammability rating of V-O.

The polycarbonate container is recyclable material.

Each is 55 grams or 1.9 ounces with a dimension of 2 1/4 diameter and 1-inch depth.

This exquisite tea light candle requires a tailored container as it is larger than the standard tea light size.

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