Alcantara® coasters

At Shelley Antecol our focus is to seamlessly bring relaxation with style and elegance with the unique Alcantara coasters.

Manufactured in the USA our collection of Alcantara coasters are made from the luxe Italian Alcantara in beautiful colours to create a gift of distinction and lasting luxury.

Sleek and sophisticated, the Alcantara coasters exude an artful balance of strength and fluidity that showcases any candle with flawless elegance.

Our creations will ensure your clients and guests feel well taken care of and appreciated. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that they will journey home with a thoughtful and unique takeaway gift to remind them of your sincere hospitality.

Our coasters are available as a single coaster or as a set of 4 Alcantara coasters.
Diameter 10 cm or 4 inch.
Felt backing.


Absolute distinction

Alcantara® utilizes its proprietary technology to provide an incomparable standard of excellence focused on functionality, durability and comfort. The result is a luxurious offering reserved for the most discriminating clientele.

Utilizing Alcantara’s exquisite and proprietary materials, sought after by some of the world’s most prestigious brands, our coaster design is as subtle and elegant as they are durable and fun.

An escape to style

The very nature of lighting a candle is to bring harmony, a connection to nature, calm the mind and heighten the senses of the present.

Our Alcantara® coaster is the perfect alliance with a Shelley Antecol all natural candle. Decor with a touch of indulgence. It will soothe the mind taking you to a place where the world slows down to a gentler and peaceful pace.

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