Seaweed bath sachets

Seaweed Sachet

Allow us the pleasure of presenting you with an exquisite complement to our premium bath sea salt – the seaweed bath sachets from the elegant designs of Shelley Antecol.

Experience the exotic blend of time honoured and unmatched natural spa therapy of a luxurious seaweed bath to soothe and enrich body, mind and soul.

Our unique seaweed bath sachets are filled with saltwater seaweed harvested from the pristine waters off the coast of Western Ireland.

Saltwater seaweed baths, or thalassotherapy, provide a natural way to relax tired and sore muscles.


Exquisite indulgence

Each bag contains 3 large sachets that are filled with saltwater Irish seaweed.

Draw a bath a warm water, add premium sea salt bath salt, and then add 1-3 sachets of our all natural seaweed.

A sanctuary for the senses. Allow yourself to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nutrient and mineral rich bath.

Clean up is easy. Discard each sachet, or open the sachet and put the used seaweed in your garden.

Unique amenities

The Shelley Antecol seaweed bath sachets make the perfect unique guest amenity.

Whether in their room, the spa or boutique, this amenity leaves a feeling of relax and wellness on all who receive them.

With the bliss of a warm nourishing bath, the world slows down to a gentle, peaceful pace.

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