Lip Balm

Wellness by design.

Coupling professional expertise in nutrition and wellness with a passion for beauty and fashion, Shelley Antecol is an artist with a captivating vision.

Intimately involved in all aspects of product development from the selection of all-natural fragrances to premium ingredients such as organic argan oil and mango butter for a luxe natural lip balm.

Made from all natural soy, and infused with organic argan oil and mango butter our lip balm has been designed for beautiful, smooth lips.



Indulge in our premium, vitamin E rich amenity that elegantly infuses the natural luxury of organic argan with mango butter to moisturize and nourish the lips.

soy, organic argan oil, mango butter, all natural organic flavours. Selection of 1. lavender 2. champagne 3. mint.

Net wt. 10 g E 0.35 oz

Sustainable glassware

Our business model is never independent of integrity and respect for the environment, humane treatment of animals, and social and economical sustainability.

We have selected this elegant beautiful Italian made glass jar for our all natural lip balm. Quality glassware offers product stability and does not leak any harmful plastic components into the product.

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