Body Brush

Inspired by the quiet confidence in us all, the Shelley Antecol skincare collection is the foundation of an inspiring beauty regimen.

It is ideal for all adult ages and skin types and designed to evolve with you.

When complemented by balance nutrition and healthy life choices, this collection will help your clients to experience a lifestyle with less stress and more confidence. A life of living well.

As part of our skincare, bath and body collection we offer an exceptional thermowood body brush.


What is thermowood

Thermowood is the result of taking solid wood and heating it between 180 to 220 degrees celcius, altering the wood structure and transforming the colour to a rich earth tone brown.

It is a natural sustainable method of permanently protecting the wood form the effects of the environment when used in the bath, shower or spa.

There are no harmful chemicals or plastics used in the process of producing thermowood. Handcrafted in Germany.

Skin care with distinction

Body brush massage is a natural and revitalizing part of skincare.

When applying gentle massage dry dead skin cells are removed resulting in improved appearance of the skin. After brushing apply nutrient rich body oil, such as argan oil.

Dry or wet brushing is similar to massage boosting circulation leaving your skin feeling softer and smoother.

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