Skin Care

Confidence is beauty. Undoubtedly, confidence is magnetic.

We are drawn to its image of strength, stability and beauty. Each of us possesses this undeniable quality, but many are weary to let it shine.

Inspired by the quiet confidence in us all, the Antecol skincare collection will empower your clients to embrace their intuitive beauty.

A transformative experience that will leave them inspired to become an inspiration to others.


Wellness by design

This skincare collection is the foundation of an inspiring beauty regime. It is ideal for all adult ages and skin types and designed to evolve with you.

When complemented by balanced nutrition, healthy life choices, and the use of sunscreen the collection will help one embrace a sense of renewal for everyday living.

Finest ingredients

Included within our skincare collection are soaps, seaweed sachets for the bath, salts, argan oil for body and face oil, and lip balm.

Only the finest ingredients, expert methods and careful selection of packaging are used to craft our products. Glass containers are specifically chosen because they provide excellent stability for any product containing essential oils.

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