Woodland fragrance

Strong and indelible the selections within the Woodland fragrance collection represent a wonderful juxtaposition of classic masculinity and contemporary elegance. The undeniable rejuvenation qualities open our senses to receive a true connection with nature, harmony and balance.

Inspired by woodland beauty … the sound of a songbird, early morning fresh dew and gentle silence brings a sense of awe and inner peace to all who experience it.

Shelley Antecol brings forth these wonderful woody scents and simple beauty into each handcrafted candle. When a candle is lit prepare to transcend the everyday stresses. In a breath, chaos transforms to calm.



Black Forest Wood
(Top) classic pine

(Top) pine
(Mid) woody, sweet
(Base) resinous. aldehydic


All fragrances are formaldehyde and phthalate free.

Customize your selection with pad or screen printing a message of your choice. Also choose one of our unique containers to maximize its presentation.

Our minimum order is 72 pieces.

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