Fresh fragrance

Fresh fragrance brings a welcoming and refreshing sense of renewal and rejuvenation. It is one of the oldest families for fragrance and tends to be citrus in nature.

The squeeze of a fresh lime, pink grapefruit or the scent of fresh basil … these intoxicating scents invite one to become fully present and evoke an emotional connection of calm and well-being.

The Fresh collection presents artfully crafted natural citrus and island-infused fragrances that are invigorating and equally captivating.

All fragrances are formaldehyde and phthalate free.

Customize your selection with pad or screen printing a message of your choice. Also choose one of our unique containers to maximize its presentation. Our minimum order is 36 pieces.



Citrus Basil
(Top) Argentina lemon
(Mid) Florida orange
(Base) basil leaf

Bamboo Sugar Cane
(Top) fruit & citrus bouquets, pineapple leaf
(Mid) Bergamot blossom
(Base) lemon & lime peel

Blue Agave


Mango & Peach

Orange & chocolate
(Top) citrus orange
(Mid) soft citrus leaf
(Base) dark cacao

(Top) gardenia, aloe
(Mid) delicate floral
(Base) soft spice, green and fresh

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