Floral fragrance

Beautifully envisioned and perfectly balanced, the Shelley Antecol Floral fragrance collection offers light fragrant accents that enhance an environment, while never overwhelming the senses.

The simple pleasures of life that create feelings of peace and inner calm should be cherished and shared with others.

The radiant beauty of a single, fragrance red rose, fresh lavender, a bouquet of wildflowers, all pleasing to the senses. The gesture of offering flowers to another person brings pleasure and comfort, and is always welcomed with a smile.

Great care is taken to craft all of our unique blends for our fragrance collection. All of our fragrances are formaldehyde and phthalate free.


Our fragrances

Lavender Rain


May Flower

Apple Blossom


Customize your selection with pad or screen printing a message of your choice. Also choose one of our unique containers to maximize its presentation.

Our minimum order is 36 pieces.

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