Our fragrances

In 1983 a British fragrance expert, Michael Edward, created the Fragrance Wheel.

The fragrance wheel guides the blending of various scents and can be described as a graphical illustration of fragrance families and their relationship to one another. Much the way a vineyard classifies their vintages by variety of grapes. Today the fragrance wheel is the only complete and accurate respected fragrance classification system.

The fragrances selected for each Shelley Antecol are created using the fragrance wheel.

Each carefully handcrafted through the artful blending of the highest quality ingredients.

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Environmental friendly ingredients

Careful consideration is taken to ensure only carrier oils of plant origin are used to combine with premium fragrance compounds.

The results are health conscience and environmentally sound fragrances that enhance your selected design, while completely formaldehyde and phthalate free.

Fragrance categories

Fougère: popular for men and typically contains lavender and oakmoss
Floral: found in the majority of feminine fragrances
Oriental: often warm, spicy and sweet
Fresh: one of the oldest family of fragrances and citrus in nature
Woody: traditionally moss and floral, may contain sandalwood or vetiver
Marine: new category, evokes feelings of ocean air

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