Candle accessories

Sleek and sophisticated, Shelley Antecol wood candle accessories are handcrafted of the finest exotic woods in the USA. Each wood accessory exudes an artful balance of strength and fluidity that showcases any candle with flawless elegance. Many distinctive varieties are available.

Birdseye maple (can be found in automotive and pool cues)

Black walnut (prized for its dark colour)

Bubinga (also known as African rosewood)

Cherry heart (known for its distinct colour)

Dyed colour on red oak

Lacewood (has a unique pattern that looks like lace)

Maple (also known as white maple, sugar maple or rock maple)

Red oak (native to North America)

Zebra (resembles the beautiful striping of a zebra)

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Alcantara® coasters

Our beautiful Alcantara® coasters are an exquisite complement to any candle within the Shelley Antecol collection.

Each Alcantara® design utilizes its proprietary technology to provide an incomparable standard of excellence focused on functionality, durability and beauty.

Much like the finest European couture, the bespoke designs and colours can be custom tailored to meet a customer’s unique preferences and specifications. The result is a luxurious offering reserved for the most discriminating clientele. Custom colours available with a minimum order of 500 pieces.

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Banyan pewter coaster

A native of Nova Scotia, Shelley Antecol often finds her unique inspiration in nature. She infuses her passion for the natural beauty of sand and sea to create the perfect alliance between nature and serenity with a touch of indulgence.

Our sleek pewter coaster was designed to create expressions of relaxation that captivates and awakens the senses.

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