Shelley Antecol is guided and grounded in one inspirational philosophy, which is consistently expressed in all that we do – surrender to Serenity.

The demands of everyday life often distract us from the world’s beauty and serenity.

The Collections by Shelley Antecol keep these simple pleasures in mind to create expressions of elegant relaxation that captivates and awakens the senses.

A blazing sunset, snow-capped mountains, azure waters, each is an intriguing muse that beckons the return of peace and calm to the soul.

The gift of relaxation is yours to embrace. Explore the exquisite world of Shelley Antecol and surrender to Serenity.

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Relaxation. Custom designed.

Our Collections invite you to give yourself up to this state of calm and peace. Surrender to luxury, surrender to the life you deserve, surrender to the idea that the world is abundant and full of wonder.

Surrender to healthy choices for mind, body and soul. And, embrace the possibility that we are empowered to make our world a better place through the positive choices we make.

Be destination zen

We all seek reprieve from the hectic humdrum of modern existence.

Select a Shelley Antecol design and transform the notion of simply being to the exhilaration of becoming your best self.

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